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WAAG: less bark, more WAAG!

WAAG: less bark, more WAAG!

WAAG is a women artist's, creative thinker's, and entrepreneur's accountability group that offers social and emotional support as well as concrete steps and guidelines for goal setting.  In WAAG we don't just set goals, we learn how to set reasonable goals that ensure success.  We examine our process as well as our internalized messages that often keep us from seeing the success that stands right before us.  I have designed a ciriculum to foster safe space, to build trusting relationships with fellow members and to examine kindly one's self to better ensure success.  

Not sure if you are an artist, creative thinker or entrepreneur? You are if you have a great idea! Artists, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs have a lot in common and often even overlap in a single person; we create something out of nothing!

Join me for a three part, once a month series where we support one another to thrive and live in all of our creative glory!  Less bark: less just talking about great ideas!  More WAAG: more making these great ideas happen and become the income you need and want!  This group, by design, is a solid and secure community that supports the risks it takes to grow and develop into the even more confident, wonderful and magical you.  

Sliding scale $95-115 for the three part series.  Please message me directly if you feel that you are interested in joining or simply if you have questions.


What people are saying about WAAG:

"I didn't even know I was successful at my goals until you just pointed it out; I feel so much better."  Artist/RISD grad

"In many ways, I feel like this is a group I have been waiting for…Having the group to return to helps me feel accountable to myself and my own goals.  The group reminds me that I have greater insight and knowledge than I often give myself credit for."  Mom, Creative Entrepreneur and Thinker, Poet

"WAAG is so much more than your average "entrepreneur meet-up" group--it's a sisterhood. I've learned so much about myself as a brand new business owner and I've become deeply invested in the triumphs and growth of those I have met through the group. Come to WAAG if you're curious; open yourself up to something new and you might surprise yourself. I'm so glad I did!"     --Artist and first time business owner

"WAAG has taught me how to recognize challenges that have hindered my growth process.  Since joining I have accomplished so much, both professionally and personally.  I will be forever grateful for the experience and look forward to more."    --Spiritual Advisor

"It feels so refreshing to be a part of a growth-oriented group that invites participants to show up as their full selves.  This human component has been missing in other professional groups I've participated in, and the inclusion of this vital piece makes the entire experience so much richer for me."       --Creative Entrepreneur & founder of a heart-based business

"Thank you for starting WAAG!  I've had a great time getting out of my comfort zone…finding support from other women [and] how honest and open we were able to be with each other and ourselves"  Artist and Entrepreneur





Later Event: September 14
COMING SOON: Women with ADHD group