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My passion is to live an authentic life and assist others in doing so as well.  I believe it is in the body that we can find our authentic path.

As a holistic psychotherapist, I work to build relationships of care and trust to support and to help enrich your life. If you are interested in personal growth and deep healing, whether it is from discovering a diagnosis of some kind, childhood traumas, or phase-of-life challenges, together we work to find meaning, purpose, skills, and deep healing.

Since graduate school I have chosen to add the (w) to holistic to emphasize the wholeness that I believe we are all seeking in life.  It's the mind, body and spirit that makes us human and yet we tend to, especially as North Americans, to live as compartmentalized beings, largely as heads disconnected from our hearts and our guts the emotional and spiritual centers in our bodies, and what I believe to be, the portals to our soul.

(W)holistic is the umbrella under which I house my practice of embodied psychotherapy, mind body connective work, and lifestyle design, leading us towards authenticity and empowerment.

Nearly twenty years ago as a young adult, in an attempt to heal myself I turned to yoga at nobodies recommendation but rather an intuitive pull from within.  At this same time I started to work with a therapist.  It was sitting with this amazing person week after week that I felt drawn to this work as a professional.  A part of my suffering had very much to do with the state of the world that I had felt very helpless to do much about.  I felt that if I could heal myself and offer healing to others that maybe, one person at a time, the world would begin to heal.  This was something that felt possible to me.  Now, as a graduate of Lesley University with a Master's Degree in Expressive Therapies and nearly twenty years of experience, I still believe this and carry this practice with me. 

I have been practicing as a holistic psychotherapist for over fifteen years, twelve of which has been as an independent practitioner with my own unique practice of embodied psychotherapy and lifestyle design.