(W)holistic Psychotherapy  +             Mind Body Therapies

(W)holistic Psychotherapy is taking our history, namely our childhood history, that of our parents and ancestors and all that trickled down to us, to better inform us about how we are showing up to our life, our relationship to our self and to others and combines it with the practice of integrating the mind, the body, the spirit and all that makes us who we are.

I see my clients as individuals.  Individuals with a unique life history stored both in the mind and in the body.  I use the asana practice of yoga and the principles of body oriented psychotherapy to address what ails the mind, the body and the soul.   The body holds score, it tells us the truth when our mind can often mislead or confuse us. 

I work to meet each client where they are at.  For some the body has been off limits for them, together we respect this by easing in to awareness while others may be hungry to dive right in.

I am inspired by the work of Anodea Judith (Integrating the energy system into phsychotherapy), Pat Ogden (sensor-motor psychotherapy), Amy Cuddy (power poses and brain chemistry), Brenee Brown (study and practice of vulnerability), Pema Chodron (self-compassion and the practice of loving-kindness), and Dan Seigel (brain science) and most recently Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems).  

I practice a mindful and embodied psychotherapy that will allow you to come to know yourself deeply and to heal as well as to locate agency in your life, all of which leads to freedom and self-leadership.

All serious daring comes from within.
— Eudora Welty

The Artist + the Empath + the Highly Sensitive Person


When I was young I identified as a person who loved to make art yet I somehow struggled with the label Artist.  It seemed to suggest to me something that came with an occupation, one I wasn't sure I wanted.  And yet, I've always been a maker of things, a creator of ideas.  As a therapist I've had the great pleasure of working with many artists, somehow we have been drawn to one another over the years.  Through my own experience and the work I've done over the years with clients I have come to understand and to celebrate that being an artist is more of an orientation than anything else, much like gender identity and sexuality. It's not something we choose as a vocation but rather how we've come into this world.

Not all artist's, it is my experience, make art.  Artist's are the people who invent, create, and question the world around them.  My experience of the artist is that we live in and see this world very differently than most humans and it can leave us feeling isolated, misunderstood and due to the sensitivities that come with being an artist an increased likely hood of feeling depressed and/or anxious.  It is important to me to welcome artists, the empath and the highly sensitive person into my practice.  

Lifestyle Design


Lifestyle design is something I discovered naturally in working with clients on authentic living, a great passion of mine and my understanding of the key to true happiness. If we aren't living our one life as our own we are then displaced from our very own life.

For me, Lifestyle Design is about whittling away at our fears and the choices we've made out of protecting to uncover and find our true desire and to commit to accepting nothing else but what is meant for our selves. We are unique beings designed to live our very own unique life and make a living while doing it!

In Lifestyle Design we work together to identify your passion, your desire and your fears. And from here we identify the small steps needed to take you into your authentic life.

We cannot design and implement the life we desire until we accept our own true nature.
— Stacy Donn Cristo